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LG LSM 100 Scanner

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Place the mouse over the document Or the image required Then press the scan button on the side

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Product Description : LG – lsm – 100 scanner

Product Type : mouse scanner

Sensor : laser sensor, 1200 DPI

Number of pixels : 300×640 pixel by 30 hz

Precision : Adjustable up to320 (320/200/100) dpi

Button : 3 buttons + 2 buttons (scan & backward)


Document formats : All shapes up to A3

Front : USB

operating system : window 7 /vista / xp

color : black

Scanner Use:

Place the mouse over the document Or the image required Then press the scan button on the side

When it begins scan the screen become blackand Shows the picture where the mouse located

Move the mouse scanner to scan the desired area. Green part of scan refers to the possibility of faster

scan From the current scanning speed

If scan part is yellow or redthis means that you move the mouse scanner too quickly. Try to slow down

Yellow: Mouse scanner movement is very fast

Red: Must slow down immediately

If you move the mouse too fastit may not scan some areas and it produces blank spots

Go backto the empty spotsMove your mouse slowly to re-scan areas

If the scanned image appeared distorted or broken, Stop moving the mouse for a brief period the image

will be calibrated automatically. If not scan again he appropriate area

If you scan a large image will be downsizingautomatically, To zoom in or out of the image move the

mouse up and down

When scan is completedClick on the Scan button to stop scanningand open the editing window. (If the

tape has reached remaining space in the memory to the end the scanning will stop completely )




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