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About us

ACE/Security Laminates Middle East  the Exclusive Dealership within All Middle East & North Africa  of the Trade Mark of ACE/Security Laminates Orange County Inc. . is committed to providing the very best security laminate products, service and support to our customers.  We serve All the  Middle East and South Africa area for all residential, commercial, industrial and retail customers concerned about protecting their business, their home and their loved ones.  For protection and peace of mind, contact ACE Middle East today!

Protecting People & Property Worldwide
Affordable Protection that resists Hurricanes and Intruders, ACE/Security Laminates™ provides award winning protection for your glass.
ACE/Security Laminates™ Films Are Not Bullet, Bomb or Break-in Proof
Third party testing has established that ACE/Security Laminates™ SL14 is capable of resisting bullets from such weapons as a .38 caliber, 9mm FMJ and .357, but at no time does ACE/Security Laminates™ promote or lead clients that bulletproofing or break and enter proofing can be achieved solely with ACE/Security Laminates™ products.

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