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Ab Coaster Pro

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1 complete sports device for the whole body

2 Focus on the abdominal area

3 Strengthens muscles manually without electricity

4 Allows you to 40 exercises per minute

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5 Comes with a 5 + DVD catalog

6 Based on a diet dietetic corner and a food system

How to use:

1 When using this device, you get a tight tummy

2 easy movements and using from bottom to top to target the abdominal muscles

3 Results are very fast and the natural movement of the arched torso muscles can generate and operate a continuous movement of all the abdominal muscles

4 Focus on non-reached area by other devices under abdomen and operates the central region correctly to get quick results

5 the support is adjustable on all sides to focus on the parties and lateral muscles to slim the waist which helps burn fat accumulated in the obliques

6 This device is a revolution in the world of abdominal exercises

7 Movement of the exercise by torso stability and helps you get more and more exercises, more effective and rapid results

Height 38, width 39, height 127, weight 31

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