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New Foot massage X2


Foot massage X2

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air pressure foot massager improves metabolism, reduces stress, increases blood circulation, and promotes relaxation as effectively as the typical mechanical foot massager

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Air pressure feature combined with heating and foot reflexology, however, is much softer and soothing on the feet

Massage rollers relieve tightness at the bottom of feet while air compression makes your feet feel refreshed

There are three massage programs with 2 intensities of air pressure

Surrounding fabric can easily be removed and cleaned, allowing for a long product life

No assembly required

Easy to store, transport and use


Multifunctional massager features, kneading massage, rolling, air pressure and heating function

3D press massage and hot compress constant

Ergonomically designed to tackle the distribution of the feet acupuncture points for a professional-feeling massage at home

Machine shuts off automatically after 15 minutes

You can also set up time up to 30 minutes and LCD screen displays real time left

Choose from three different modes and two strengths for a high frequency massage and infrared physical therapy that can improve metabolism and blood circulation

Air-pressure massage on instep with a rolling massage with heating on the feet soles allow for a massage that is less rigorous than a mechanical massager, but just as effective

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