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Love Mae - Pirate Ship, Fabric Wall Sticker

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A wonderful theme telling a story about pirates on their hunt for buried treasure.

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A wonderful theme telling a story about pirates on their hunt for buried treasure. Let your little one

dream of the adventures that they take while searching for that buried gold while discovering the marine

animals: the octopus, the shark, and other fish. A wonderful design that will sure thrill any pirate lover!

Unlike most wall decals on the market, which are made of vinyl, Love Mae lovely stickers are made of

fabric. This makes them perfect for children, as they are removable and completely reusable. They can

be applied to almost any surface, and will not damage your walls. Love Mae’s delightful decals are

designed with children in mind can be moved around - and scrunched up, smoothed out and rearranged

again and again. Love Mae decals are made out of polyester weave with a water based adhesive which

makes them environment friendly since they have no pvc’s, are bio degradable, and are non toxic. The

advanced water based adhesive allows them to be re-used over and over again. Moreover, the adhesive

is guaranteed to not harm or distort your walls. With soft colors and sweet patterns complementing

delightful subjects and themes, there is something to suit every nursery! How Lovely?!


A wonderful pirates theme with marine animals

Fabric decals designed especially for  children

Made to be played with

Reusable many times over


Friendly to your walls

Environment friendly

Wonderful designs and subtle themes and colors that inspire your little one’s imagination

Made in Australia

Use Instructions

We recommend that you clean your walls before you apply them. And then it is a simple case of peel and

stick. It’s that easy. It is helpful to have a pair of scissors to cut any stubborn threads. Because they are

re-usable you can move them around until you get them exactly how you want them. How lovely! If you

are moving or wishing to store them, just place them back on their backing sheet and re-use at a later


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