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Sunburst 2x1

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3-month treatment

strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.

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strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. Its nutrients activate dormant hair follicles by stimulating stem

cells to multiply in large numbers, and will therefore produce thick and prolific hair.

If you place an order you will get six boxes with a sprayer.


it helps to three grown hair at a time instead of one

It alleviates the pores of the scalp to help them do grow hair

It strengthens hair and prevents its loss and falls

It has no side effects since it is made with natural plants

The treatment duration is 3 months, to use 2 times a day, morning and evening

Chinese-made products from Chinese herbs and 100% original and tested

How to use:

To get the desired result: wash hair before applying with a natural shampoo, dry hair, then spray on the

scalp 3 -5 times and make sure that the product covers both the scalp, leave at least 3 hours without

rinsing. In case of need to go out or put a cap on his head, it is best to wait 20 minutes. 

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