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Rio 60 Second Neck Toner

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Use device for just 60 seconds a day forthe neckin60 seconds, which strengthens and enhances the

neck and makes its leek.

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Use device for just 60 seconds a dayforthe neckin60 seconds, which strengthensand enhancesthe

neckand makes itsleek.

Apply the gelon the device andpress theFunction Button, and increase the level-the unithas 16levels

ofuse-you can either increaseor decrease thelevelas required.

Easy to use andsecure

makesthe softestneck

The weight of thetubeis 85gr

Use morningand evening, tones and firms theneckmuscles

The device operateswith a battery

Removeswrinklesand gives youasense of well-beingwith visible results in a few days

Lifts, firms and tones the skin

Simply positionthe unit onthe neck andturn it onand you'llget youngerneckwithout the use ofinjections


Has Three toning programsnormalfirming,longand soft)


1. Not to be usedby pregnant women

2. To stopthe deviceyou must pressthe OFF buttonfor 2 seconds.

Made inUnited kingdom

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