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Unlike other products that treat the signs of aging from the outside in

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Unlike other products that treat the signs of aging from the outside in, Novae compacts the deterioration

that inflects your skin from the inside out. Deterioration shows up as rough texture, over all dullness,

redness, fine lines and wrinkles. Novae Multi-Care works to actually make your skin behave younger in

just 28 days! 

Modules Included: 

Yellow Module: increases the natural regeneration of collagen, and production of fibroblast and elast in

resulting in skin toning and reduction of fine lines. Automatedtreatment time of 45 seconds.

Red Module: uses wave lengths of light to trigger repair mechanisms, and cellgrowth. Automated

treatment time of 180 seconds.

Blue Module: works to reduce the propagation of bacteria and help significantly reduce skin inflammation,

resulting in acnereduction. Automated treatment time of 90 seconds.

Green Module: scatters the granules of melanin in the cells, and destroys themresulting in reduction of

brown spots and whiter skin. Automatedtreatment time of 60 seconds.

Features : 

The first handydevicewith interchangeable light modules, for bothgenders of all ages

Each light module provides an easymethod to help with skin problems

Safe to Use with no UV, no infrared, and no risk of burn

Treatments times are automated and achieved in seconds 

Pain-free and fasttreatments

Operating instructions : 

1.Place the device about 3 cm (1.5 inches) above the surface to betreated.

2.Pressbutton on the top of the device to starttreatment.

3.Thedevicewill stop automaticallyafter the time of operations (45 to 180 sec).

Content :

LED device 

Blue module

Green module 

Yellow module

Red module


USB cable


Instructions Manual (Arabic/English) 

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